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BCB Live Studio Construction & Hardware Integration

May 5, 2021

Project Background

Trucking companies are always looking for ways to improve their safety culture and FMCSA rating. Safety is one of the most important aspects of running a trucking company. Safety can make or break a company. A single fatal accident, regardless of fault, can put a logistics company out of business.

One-way smart trucking companies are improving their safety culture is by producing a daily safety show for drivers, dispatchers, and company leadership. While this concept is new, it has been shown to reduce accidents and insurance rates. Two years ago, BCB Transport was one of the first few companies to start broadcasting a daily radio show for its entire fleet. After about a year of broadcasting, BCB Transport approached Copano Media Group to find ways in which to improve and make the show experience better for everyone.

Before BCB Live Studio Conversion
After BCB Live studio conversion. Image 1.
After BCB Live studio conversion. Image 2
After BCB Live studio conversion. Image 3.
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Before and after photos of the BCB Live Studio.

Project Objectives & Timeline

BCB Transport wanted to increase the production value of their company-wide safety show. The goal was to incorporate live video, graphics, news, weather, traffic, interviews, and dashcam review footage into a daily hour-long show. Additionally, a professional studio needed to be built from the ground up within its company office that one person could produce from.

To accomplish these requirements, BCB Transport needed to have Copano Media Group install custom production computers with specialized software, PTZ cameras, preprogrammed control boards, furniture, lighting, displays, and network infrastructure. All of this had to happen without stopping show production.

This project took approximately two months to complete, from approval to installation. In addition to the installation, Copano Media Group worked on creating a show schedule and consulting with leadership on the best way to produce their safety show.

Example show content. BCB Live Overview Video

Project Timeline & Outcome

To this day, BCB Transport is still one of the few Trucking companies in the United States producing a daily safety show for its drivers. This project has been a success for BCB Transport for the following reasons:

  • BCB Transport has continued to see a reduction in insurance rates while at the same time increasing fleet safety.
  • Drivers can now directly address company leadership thanks to optimizing the call-in software. Company safety operations can easily go live and communicate with their entire fleet during severe weather events.
  • Company morale has improved, and drivers no longer feel they are treated as a number.

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