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BCB Transport Company Overview Video

November 10, 2020

Project Background

BCB Transport is an example of how a company overview video can work for your business. Company overview videos have several benefits that businesses should take advantage of. First, company overview videos demonstrate to potential clients or customers the products and services they offer in a way that text and images on a website cannot accomplish alone. Second, company overview videos are a great way to recruit potential employees and source new clients/customers. Lastly, company overview videos can be an easy way to build brand recognition and trust and maintain an up-to-date online presence.

Aerial of Downtown Mansfield
Interview of Rick Larkin, Co Owner of BCB Transport
BCB Transport Warehouse
Brian Brzozowski, Co Owner of BCB Transport
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Production images.

Project Objectives

In the fall of 2020, Copano Media Group was asked by BCB Transport to create a company overview video. BCB Transport was aware of the benefits of having video content. However, they needed someone to provide guidance. Copano Media Group worked with BCB Transport to develop ideas as well as a storyboard. Some, but not all of the project requirements are listed here:

  • Create a three to five-minute company overview video.
  • Interview the president and vice president.
  • Capture aerial footage of the office and warehouse.
  • Capture B-roll on the ground footage of employees and facilities.

BCB Transport Company Overview Video

‍Project Outcome

Since producing BCB Transport’s overview video, BCB has been able to elevate its image among competitors and use this video on its website, social media channels, at carrier conferences, and during training sessions for new employees. Moreover, Copano Media Group continues to provide production services to BCB Transport. Some of these services include hardware integration, aerial imagery, and consulting.

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