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Cheniere Energy Quantify Monitor Report Verify

July 27, 2021

Project Background

Across the energy sector, methane leaks from natural gas infrastructure are commonplace. Because of this, the natural gas industry regularly gets criticized by environmental activists and is negatively impacted by ESG rating agencies. QMRV stands for Quantify Measure Report and Verify. QMRV is a multi-step process that involves taking multiple methane measurements routinely over a set period to determine the total amount of GHG emissions. Cheniere Energy wanted to communicate to stakeholders and the media about this new process for accurately measuring methane emissions that would be accounted for on its carbon tags.

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Project Objectives

This project required travel to the Marcellus shale basin for filming as it is one of the key areas for natural gas in the United States. Cheniere wanted to highlight how it partnered with EQT and the University ofTexas at Austin to set standards for the proper measurement of methane emissions.

  • Produce a three to five-minute-long video.
  • Include interviews from Cheniere, EQT, and UT representatives.
  • Ensure content did not show any proprietary information from partner companies.

Cheniere Energy QMRV Video

Project Outcome

Overall, this project helped to explain to the public what QMRV is and how it is part of Cheniere’s movement toward implementing carbon tags on LNG shipments. This project also received positive feedback from upper management and engagement on Cheniere’s LinkedIn brand page.

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