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Installing an LED Video Wall for BCB Live's Broadcast Studio

March 10, 2023

Project Background

Where have you seen LED displays at work? The next time you turn on any broadcasting program, the hosts are likely reporting in front of an LED display. When it comes to virtual production, LED displays offer a crisper and more natural look than a green screen. A green screen cannot offer backlighting or display shadows at the subject's feet. With this in mind, our client, Rick Larkin of BCB Live, came to Copano Media Group with a large format LED display project for his new broadcasting studio in Mansfield, Texas.

Building the custom LED wood frame
Preparing to install LED receiving cards
Installing receiving cards for BCB Live Video Wall
BCB Live LED Video Wall Installation
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Images are from installation to project completion.

Project Requirements & Timeline

BCB Live wanted the display to be low to the ground but high enough for an audience of 50 people to view presentations easily. Additionally, the display needed to be wide enough for commentators to stand in front of for group or panel discussions. CMG sourced the video wall hardware and the processor from QSTech.

BCB Live - LED Video Wall Installation (1.2 Pixel Pitch)

Project Challenges & Outcome

This project had a couple of challenges that Copano Media Group needed to overcome. One regarded mounting, and the other regarded stitching the two processors together. For mounting, the studio where this project was installed is located in a historic brick building. The brick created mounting concerns that ultimately led Copano Media Group to design and install a custom frame for the LED display to rest on. The second challenge that CMG had to overcome was stitching the two processors together. The display was so wide that it required two QSTech PCON600 controllers, which were merged with the help of NVIDIA Mosaic.

CMG was able to get BCB Live’s LED display up and running for its broadcasting responsibilities by the day of the studio’s first event, which immediately garnered well-deserved attention and prospective clients for the studio. Lastly, the installation took two weeks, including complimentary training for BCB Live staff.

LED Video Wall Specs

-      Resolution: 6144 x 1920

-      Dimensions: 25’ x 8’

-      Pixel Pitch: 1.2

-      Display Life: 100,000 Hours

-      QSTech PCON600 Controllers (2)

-      Apple Screenshare compatible

-      Dual/Split Screen capabilities

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