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Providing a Conference Internet Alternative for BCB Live

November 14, 2022

Project Background

Conference internet can be expensive, slow, and time-consumingto procure. For this project, Copano Media Group turned to VenueLink to provideBCB Live with an alternative that saved them thousands of dollars.

VenueLink Quad 5G Hardware
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Hardware & Stream Results

Project Timeline & Requirements

BCB Live needed a reliable connection with faster speeds than the Venue offered and one with built-in redundancy from celluar network bonding. VenueLink’s hardware came with four 5G modems that delivered upload and download speeds up to 200Mbs. While BCB Live’s 1080p stream only required 6Mbs, the extra buffer ensured the stream would not go down even in high congestion.

Project Outcome

This project was a success in many ways. One the client saved thousands, two the client had a redundant connection that was 4 times faster than what the venue could offer for a fraction of the price, and three the stream did not go down.

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