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BCB Live Truckload Carriers Association Remote Production

March 21, 2022

Project Background

In the spring of 2022, Copano Media Group was asked by BCB Transport to produce a live remote production at The Wynn Casino & Resort in Las Vegas for the Truckload Carriers Association Conference. BCB Transport wanted their subsidiary, BCB Live, to demo the safety show they sell to trucking and logistics companies.

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Project Objectives

This project had one requirement: to bring BCB Live to Las Vegas for three days. Copano Media Group was not just responsible for producing the show and providing equipment. CMG was also tasked with arranging the booth with all its furniture, power, and utilities, procuring graphics and signage, ordering promotional materials to hand out, and arranging freight shipping. Moreover, content needed to be created beforehand, interviews with guests needed to be arranged, and awareness about the Las Vegas broadcast needed to be pushed out on BCB Live’s social media channels. While there were many details to be managed, Copano Media Group was able to achieve its client's project requirements.

Example interview from Truckload Carriers Association Conference. BCB Live Interview with John Kingston, Editor at large for Freightwaves.

Project Outcome

Going live anywhere can be logistically and technically challenging if it has never been done before. Copano Media Group’s experience setting up remote live productions can greatly simplify your project’s goals. Pre-recorded content is great. However, nothing gets people's attention more today than live content. Conferences today must provide more value than ever before in a world where business is conducted over Zoom meetings. For a startup or business looking to increase leads, live production at an exhibit greatly increases foot traffic, generates lots of social content, and builds connections with journalists and other industry leaders through live interactive conversations. 

Benefits of having a live production at a conference:

  • Led to sales conversions and agreements.
  • Boosted BCB Live’s social image.
  • Connected BCB Live with future guests to have on air.
  • Generated a lot of foot traffic when producing live.
  • Can increase referral links and traffic to improve company website SEO
  • Builds connections with government affairs and the media

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